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Representative example: APR 407.39%. If borrowed $1000 for 62 days, interest $692. Total amount repayable $1692. Interest rates: Maximum nominal APR of $1000: 407.39%. Rates from 278% to 1576% (3 – 12 month repayment)

What is a Bad Credit Loan?

Getting the best loan for bad credit means finding a payday lender who is transparent about rates and fees. They should be flexible on terms. They also should be willing to work with you, even if you have a bad credit score. Avoid predatory lenders and common scams that can keep you trapped in a cycle of debt. Welcome to our resource on obtaining a loan, even when your credit score isn't perfect.

Applying for a bad credit personal loan should be a last resort, as the fees are typically higher than conventional loans. Many people, when faced with an emergency situation and are desperate to borrow money, rely on friends and family to get them through to their next paycheck. Not everyone has the luxury of relying on friends and family, however. If you absolutely have to borrow money and there is no other place to turn, getting a bad credit payday loan can be a solution to your problem.

Following is a list of things you should know when you look for a loan but have poor credit:

  • A loan won't solve all your financial problems.

    Just because you have secured a loan does not mean that you are in the clear. It is important to understand what habits brought you to needing an emergency loan and to make steps to improve your finances, job aspects and other items which can allow you to save for a rainy day.

  • Improve Your Credit Profile

    Avoid missing payments and build your credit profile in order to improve your credit score, in case you need to borrow again in the future. If you have good credit, you can get loans that are far better APR interest rates and lower (or no) fees involved.

  • High Interest Rates

    Let's face it, when a company lends to someone with bad credit, they are taking a risk. They must mitigate the risk by charing higher interest rates, as well as possibly add fees. You should expect that a loan with bad credit will necessarily include higher interest rates.

  • Good Employment, No Credit Check?

    Lenders need a good reason to part with their cash. If you have bad credit, your promise may not be enough. However, it is assumed that if you're applying for a payday loan, your credit most likely isn't the best. The commodity guarantee that lenders rely on is employment. If you are getting paid, and the amount you are borrowing is a small loan, this provides situations where a company may not feel the need to perform a credit check.

    Why do you want a loan with no credit check? We submit your loan for the review of several lenders. Some of them may want to provide a credit check, others may not. While we cannot guarantee that you will not have your credit checked, if the reason you don't want it checked is that you fear your credit will disqualify you -- do not worry. Other factors are considered, such as your employment, whether you receive benefits. We qualify people for a loan every day who think their credit will disqualify them. The good news is it is free to apply, so submit your application today.

  • Bad Credit Means Different Things to Different Lenders

    Some lenders will not check your credit if your score is above a certain threshold. However, if they do check, this is not the end of the world as other factors play an important part of the decision. These other factors include empoyment, time at your current address and other indicators that you are good for your money.

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It is free to apply, and it only takes a few moments of your time to submit an application for a guaranteed quick decision. Payday Today has helped thousands of people in your financial situation receive quick loans. Submit your application for a poor credit loan with us today!

Representative example: APR 407.39%. If borrowed $1000 for 62 days, interest $692. Total amount repayable $1692. Interest rates: Maximum nominal APR of $1000: 407.39%. Rates from 278% to 1576% (3 – 12 month repayment)

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