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Representative example: APR 407.39%. If borrowed $1000 for 62 days, interest $692. Total amount repayable $1692. Interest rates: Maximum nominal APR of $1000: 407.39%. Rates from 278% to 1576% (3 – 12 month repayment)

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Bad Credit Loans

What are loans for people with poor lending history? They are payday loans that people acquire when they need an emergency loan, but are unable to get one from the bank. In cases like this, where do you turn if you are unable to seek help from friends and family? The answer for many people is to get a payday loan. These tend to charge a higher interest rate, and demands a shorter time for repayment. They may be repaid at one time, or over a series of instalment payment stretching months. Many banks only tend to lend for years, and wish to loan larger amounts. A payday loan can be a method to get the emergency funds you need to get through to your next pay cheque.

Having poor lending history, by itself, should not be a reason to prevent you from borrowing cash. There are other factors considered, such as your employment, the type of benefits you receive, the amount you are requesting and more. Most lenders assume that people seeking an emergency loan have a poor history of borrowing, fortunately other factors (such as employment) are often weighted higher in importance. The only way to know for certain whether you qualify is to submit your application. Do so today and receive a quick decision on whether your application is accepted.

Is there such a thing as "guaranteed" loans?

It's easy to understand why people want a guaranteed loan. If you feel your lending history may be disqualifying, it's natural to want to skip that and get one that is guaranteed. Fortunately, payday lenders realize that often, people who need fast cash for unexpected bills typically have a poor lending history. This means the acceptance rate, while not 100% acceptance, is still higher than you may imagine. Consider applying today, as it is free and you will know for certain whether you can qualify.

Everyone cannot be guaranteed funding. I'm certain you can imagine circumstances that would disqualify someone from borrowing money. Payday lenders are more likely to lend to those who do not have a perfect score because interest rates and fees are higher. It is a riskier proposition, and that risk gets built into the cost of borrowing. If you cannot borrow money any other way, this option may be the best available to you. It is free to apply, so submit your application today and receive a quick decision on whether you qualify to receive a payday loan.

No Credit Check?

If you need an emergency loan and do not know where to turn for cash to get you through to your next pay cheque, and if your credit is poor, consider submitting your application with us. You can apply for amounts ranging between $100 and $1000. Following are hypothetical amounts you could qualify for.

Payday LoansAmount
Fast Cash Loans$100
NZ Beneficiary Loans$200
Lending Companies for Beneficiaries NZ$300
Same Day No Credit Check Loan$400
Guaranteed Approval No Credit Check Loan NZ$500
No Credit Check Beneficiary Loans$600
No Credit Check Loans for Students$700
Unsecured No Credit Check Loans$800
No Security No Credit Check Loans$900
No Credit Check OK Loans$1000

Often during people's lives they find themselves in the need of immediate, emergency cash but are unable to secure it. During times of crisis like these, people will rely on their friends and family to get them through until their next pay cheque. Not everyone has this luxury, however, and so payday loans fill the void. If you need fast cash and are unable to acquire it in any other way, consider filling out our application today and apply for a quick cash loan.

Unsecured Loans

What is an unsecured loan? They are a type of loan that does not require collateral and allows someone to borrow money. While we cannot guarantee 100% acceptance, if you are unemployed but are receiving benefits, we will try to assist you in obtaining the quick cash you need to resolve your financial crisis.

If you have poor credit, and also do not have a job, you may still be able to get a loan if you are currently receiving beneficiary payments. These can take many forms, but all boil down to receiving payments on a fixed timeline. Sometimes this may result from receiving regular payments from a will or trust fund payouts. If you know you are receiving funds in the future and you can show it on paper, you likely can get a loan.

No Credit Check Loans

What are they? They are where someone feels their credit is so bad it would impede their ability to secure a loan, and therefore prefer that no credit check take place. We are an introducer of loans, and as such we find some of the lenders we work with require one, while others do not. It will depend on your circumstances and the requirements of each lender as to whether they request a credit check.

Variables that apply are whether or not you are employed, how long you have been employed, the amount of money you are requesting and more. The information on your application may cause a lender to desire require one. In some cases, lenders may provide no credit check loan NZ, other times they will not.

Often, those seeking to borrow money are doing so because of a crisis financial situation. This is a common occurance which afflicts many people in New Zealand. If you are short of funds before having received your pay cheque, consider using our service by filling out an application today.

Loans for Benefits

If you are on benefits, but are unemployed, do not let this prevent you from applying. You may still qualify to borrow money if you are on benefits, or are a beneficiary receiving payments from a will or other structured settlement. Some examples of beneficiary income include wills, trusts, court settlements and other forms of payment you receive on a scheduled basis.

Many people believe it is impossible to get a payday loan if you are not employed. This isn't true, you can qualify for a loan if you are receiving some type of income, and it doesn't necessarily have to be from employment. One method of receiving income is from "benefits". What are benefits? They are a type of income that isn't specifically from employment. They could be governmental benefits, or payments from a will or trust. They could be from you receiving payments based on holding a contract, such as renting out property to an individual. All of these could potentially qualify someone for beneficiary loans.

It is free to apply for a loan with us. It is an easy loan process, click apply and submit your application within minutes. Receive a quick, sometimes same day response as to whether we can fund your request. We are happy to assist you in getting the cash you desperately need.

Representative example: APR 407.39%. If borrowed $1000 for 62 days, interest $692. Total amount repayable $1692. Interest rates: Maximum nominal APR of $1000: 407.39%. Rates from 278% to 1576% (3 – 12 month repayment)

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